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Our mission is spreading awareness for those living with disabilities through art. 

Enjoy the convenience of card delivery straight to your home in time for major holidays, celebrations and anniversaries. As with all of our orders, enjoy FREE SHIPPING! You will feel great knowing your subscription helps individuals living with disabilities... and your mom will feel great finally getting a Mother's Day card since you forgot to write her one last year... Oops!

This is Laura

She loves Zac Efron (don't get her started), ice cream cake and painting. Her aide, Hannah Lee, and her husband, Hiva Lee, recognized she had a real talent to share. Many people with disabilities have talents that are overlooked, but they realized they could do something about it.   

Hannah and Hiva started #Laurasgreetings, a company that allows individuals experiencing disabilities to be artists. Portions of the profits are donated to meaningful causes that support disability advocacy.

We have a created a subscription service for your convenience. You get our cards delivered, straight to your door year-round, just in time for special occasions and major holidays!

We are proud to present these greeting cards to you. Every single one was made with love.