About our Artists

Our Partnership With Artists

Our mission is to empower artists with intellectual disabilities. Laura's Greetings is a platform for people with intellectual disabilities to share their talents. Through a submission process, artists who happen to have intellectual disabilities like Down syndrome or autism can submit their art and possibly have their work printed on the next Laura's Greetings' card! 

All art work is licensed from the artists- meaning they own the rights to that design and can remove it from our cards anytime they please. We make sure every card shares the name of who designed it, and give that individual spotlights on our website, newsletter and social media pages! For some, it may be the first time they have been recognized for their talents and abilities.

We are so grateful for our artists- we have learned so much from them! We hope to have an entire community of Laura's Greetings artists in the future.

If you know of an individual who should be the next Laura's Greetings artist, please have them contact us at laurasgreetingsco@gmail.com.