About Us

Laura—our inspiration—has so much talent and also happens to have Down Syndrome. Traditionally on someone’s birthday, friends and family give cards to the person on his/her special day. For Laura on her birthdays, it’s the exact opposite; she was the one drawing cards for all her friends and family! When we received one of her cards, we realized that Laura had talents to share but was often overlooked because of her disability.

We started out as a greeting card company selling cards drawn by Laura with the hope to one day be able to help so many people in her situation. Rather than sit and talk about solutions, we decided to do something about it which is how Laura’s Greetings came about. We believe people with intellectual disabilities such as Down Syndrome and autism have amazing talent that can make a great impact in this world. That is our why.

Laura’s Greetings mission is to empower businesses owned or operated by people with intellectual disabilities. All products on our platform were created by people with intellectual disabilities such as Down Syndrome and autism. Think ‘Amazon’ for the differently abled community.

When you buy something on our platform, YOU are supporting people with disabilities, their families, and their business. And as a bonus, you will receive a high-quality product!