About Aram

Aram is a Laura's Greetings artist with many, many talents! He loves to write stories, do impressions and listen to country music. He can do an impression of nearly anything- Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, The Oogie Boogie Man (Nightmare Before Christmas) and more.

Aram's favorite foods include southern food, pizza, cheese burgers and hotdogs. When he is not painting or mastering his impressions, you might find him playing with his pets! Aram has a dog that is 3/4 dane, 1/4 lab and also a cat. 

 Aram was featured in the local newspaper for autism awareness, and also had a role in Pirates of Penzance in his high school play! He is an expert in his family history, and loves making connections to people from his ancestry. We are so glad to have Aram as one of our artists and proud to share his talents!